10 ways to stay happy when travelling solo

Have you ever travelled alone? How did you like the idea of travelling alone?
Well travelling alone has countless benefits. There is nobody to whom you have to follow, have conflicts or spoil any of your time because of another. You are the boss and you are free to do anything and explore everything around.
So here are some tips how you can stay cheerful when travelling solo.

Adapt to Your Destination

It can be difficult to adjust in the new city or place but keep in mind that you are travelling and you should explore new culture and customs. This will keep you exciting. Find out the customs of the place, talk to people around and adapt to your destination.

travel Alone But Not Lonely

Travel alone does not mean you are all alone and you die out of boredom. Talk to people around. Find companion to roam. This will be again exciting because you will get to know new people. This does not mean only human can be the companion. Make your companion some animals, birds according to the place. Learn few local words.


Do not carry heavy luggage. Keep it less and simple. Do not tie chains or keys to your luggage. This can lead to conception of carrying very luxurious items even if you are not carrying. Carry a map and fully charged mobile with you for emergencies.


Keep some battery back up to your phone or carry a power bank , So that you cannot become helpless in case of not knowing the routes. Also you can get offline maps in your phone or some handouts.


Eat regional food. Try new food culture and eat slowly to enjoy the food as well as the surrounding. Do observe people and surroundings and enjoy that time fully.


Ask people about the famous things of the place. Shop for memories so that you have the travelled at such places. Pick some famous monuments of the place or anything you like very much.


Plug in with music, get a park or sea side as a destination and walk along the way. Feel the calmness, peace or chaos of your surroundings.


Get all the tourist places of the destination. Roam around, explore the things around you. You can learn the local language. You can attend parties, see night life of that place. Take some road trips. Get a travel guide or a local transit to know the language and roam around the places.


Have you always wanted to sky dive? Learn Chinese? Take a tango class with the pros? Dance on the stage? Dance with the girls? Riding a horse? and so on. Now is the time to do it. Travelling alone has benefit that nobody can stop you from doing anything. You are your own boss. So try things you always wanted to do.


Travelling can lead to exertion, body ache and so on. You should get yourself treated with some spa, body massage, meditation. Do what so ever you like. May be treating yourself is eating an ice cream or muffle or anything.


Again, travelling is all about getting to know another way of life. Talking or writing to people you know and trust, however, can work miracles when you are down. Open up, and tell your loved ones that you miss them. Share with them pictures and tell them where you are roaming.

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