India is a land of various religions and languages and every religion has its own importance. This diversity is not only reflected by the different festivals celebrated in India. The heterogeneity of Indian culture and society essence also seeps through the Indian wedding affairs. In India, wedding is the most important part of one’s life. They say “Marriages are made in heaven” and consider wedding undoubtedly the prime event of life.

Indian wedding does not necessarily mean Hindu wedding whereas it is a melting pot for all the religious weddings. Apart from different religious weddings, the varied types of weddings differ according to the regions.  It is true that weddings are of varied types in the Indian subcontinent but one thing that is common to all the Indian Weddings is the essence of commitment.


  • HINDU WEDDING : Hindu marriages imply customs, rituals and elaborate celebrations to honor couple’s love. Selection of wedding day and venue in Hindu wedding is a very important task. The marriage is executed by priests who chant Sanskrit hymns and mantras in front of the sacred fire in the mandap.Once they are married , their bond is supposed to last for seven years.


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  • SIKH WEDDING : Punjabi weddings are the most ebullient wedding ceremonies in India. The different types of Punjabi/Sikh marriage rituals include Roka, Mehendi, Milni and Jaimala. The bangle ceremony is an unique and important ceremony, where bride’s maternal uncle and aunt put red bangles on the bride’s wrist. In the marriage ceremony, bridal couple sit in front of Granth Sahib. The ardas are read and ten Sikh gurus are saluted.

  • CHRISTIAN WEDDING : In Christian wedding, the bond between the man and the woman is considered to be predestined by god.The sanctity of the marriage is laid down by Jesus message that wedding is a relationship, a union so real and intimate that ‘the two become one flesh’. The Christian wedding rituals are conducted in church, amidst all friends and family members.

  • PARSI WEDDING : Parsi weddings are different from the other Indian weddings. Their marriage rituals are elaborate affairs which is much longer than the other weddings.The Parsi weddings are much more fun and are interesting.Weddings within the Parsi community are known as ‘Lagan’ and they take place at the Parsi Agyari or Fire Temple where the bride’s mother perform rituals with the groom. The wedding is known for its grand reception party.

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  • GUJARATI WEDDING :  The Gujarati Weddings are planned on a large scale and their rituals are very colorful. They are known for their great culture and delicious vegetarian food. It is a two or three day’s affair with multiple rituals observed through each day. The Gujarati Weddings functions with a lot of splendor, color, dance and dazzling decor. The girls are married with no expectations of wealth from the in-laws.

  • MAHARASHTRIAN WEDDING :  The Maharashtrian Wedding are the most easy going and the least luxurious in the whole country. Unlike other weddings, the rituals are performed earLy in the morning. The pre-wedding events do not have any spiritual significance but the marriage rituals carry the core values of the Maharashtrian Wedding.

  • ISLAMIC WEDDING : In Islamic Wedding, marriage is known as “NIKAH“. The marriage is mandated by Holy Quran as one the primary duties of Muslims. It is a legal contract between both the man and the woman. The marriage includes “meher” i.e. the final statement specifying the monetary amount the groom will give the bride and then the ‘nikah’ where the legal contract is signed by the couple.

  • SOUTH INDIAN WEDDING : The South Indian Wedding are much more simpler than the other Indian wedding. They also consider marriage as a lifetime commitment between the couple. Exchange of garlands, tying the Mangalasutra and going around the holy fire are the important rituals amongst the South Indian wedding.

  • BENGALI WEDDING  : The wedding rituals in Bengal are seeped into cultures and traditions amidst the colorful decorations.The execution of rituals are subtly different from all the other Indian weddings.The Bengali groom wears a Kurta with a dhoti and the bride looks elegant that transforms her into a goddess. The wedding is an elaborate affair with many rituals for both the families.

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