Hospitality industry is the industry whose sustenance is on providing good ambience, congeniality and trust to its customers. It is of great significance for a hotel group that its customers are satisfied with their services and they keep coming back to them. The satisfaction of customer is enormously important in customer building and branding. A happy customer is equivalent to killing two birds with one stone. A satisfied customer is himself an asset for the hotel. Also apprceiation done by him about his comfortable visit is advantageous for the hotel. The question is what it takes to be successful in the hospitality group, is it only the marketing and promotion that helps in prosperity and expansion of a hotel in global business environment.

A customer looks out for a number of things when he is on a hotel hunt, sanitation and services ranks on the top of the list. Hygiene and sanitation is most significant in the hospitality industry as it is under constant scrutiny of its patrons. The standard set for hygiene and cleanliness is most of the times not met by the hotels, as it is still not considered the foremost priority of the business model. Unhealthy food practices, unclean rooms, poor hygiene of staff risks the health and violates the trust of its customers. It is important to know why hygiene and sanitation is important in building customer loyalty and promotion of business.

Importance of sanitation is as follows:

Brand Building

Good quality always promotes and helps in brand building of a business. People tend to go for hotel options that provide clean environment and services. If a customer is not satisfied with the services by a hotel, it may prove a double whammy for the business. The maintenance of quality standards wins the trust and loyalty of the customers.

It is a legal obligation

It is a necessity to maintain the quality standards set by the government to run a hospitality group. Medical inspectors make visit to hotels to do quality checks of food and services. Violation of set standards leads to cancellation of its license.

Prevents outbreak of diseases

Food related diseases due to dining in restaurants are caused by poor hygiene of its staff and unsanitary food handling practices. Bad quality of food is also responsible for sickness due to restaurants. It is important to provide training to hotel employees on food standards and handling. The inconsistency in sticking to the set food practices hampers the brand reputation.

The sanitation in hotels is as important as good infrastructure and furnishing. The image and reputation of a hotel outstays on customer satisfaction and maintenance of quality standards because good service is good business.

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