Why do Foreigners like travelling to India so much?

1. India is much cheaper as compared to USA and European countries.
2. Diversity in the food eaten all over the country, thus making it a haven for all the food lovers which has recently become another reason to explore new countries.
3. India has on one side the mighty mountain ranges of Himalayas to a desert on its western border to being surrounded by sea on three sides on its southern side to the bay of Bengal and another mountain range on its north eastern side. Thus a person can experience almost each and every kind of climate and terrain all in just one visit to this country.
4. India is a home to a rich cultural heritage from the harrapan civilisation to the rulers of medeival ages to the British rule, India gives a glimpse into the history of people from almost every part of the world.
5. Warm hospitality at very reasonable prices.
6. Home to ayurveda, yoga which a person cant find better than India anywhere in the world.
7. You get to meet all sorts of people from purely traditional to high intellectuals. Basically a perfect combo of tradition hand in hand to the modernity.
8. For its values. For example : having one spouse for all your life and in next seven lives too. Basically a sanctity of the institution called marriage. Isn’t that the reason that many celebs from USA have come to India and have their marriage performed by Indian rituals? .

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